Pledge your birthday and help change lives.

It’s easy. Instead of gifts, ask for donations.

How it works.

Pledge your birthday

The first step is simple – just pledge your birthday by using the form above, and share your pledge to let the world know you’re serious.

When your birthday is near, we’ll remind you to start a fundraising page and ask your friends to donate to Feeding America’s Children for your big day.

Feed Hungry Children

We’ll use the money you raise to fund food rescue projects that will provide many nourishing meals for hungry children and their families. 

Pledge Your Birthday

Some Birthday Facts


the amount of birthday’s celebrated in the US alone everyday.


the average amount of funds raised by a person’s birthday campaign.


the amount of meals we’ll be able to provide from the average birthday campaign.

Some Birthday Facts

Stop Waste

Every year millions of pounds of fresh food and produce are waisted by being sent to landfills and thrown away.

Stop Hunger

Our mission takes on the challenge of rescuing that food and providing it to needy children and their families.

Let's Put Your Birthday To Use


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