Giving Tuesday 2022

Give the gift of fullness

This Giving Tuesday, help give hungry children everything they need to succeed. Your support powers feeding programs, food rescue, and nutritional food boxes.

Starving children are counting on you today

In homes around the country, hungry children are missing meals that could help them succeed. Now is the time to show up for these future leaders by donation during GivingTuesday.

What your generosity powers:

Zero Hunger


Good Health And Well-being


Responsible Consumption And Production


How you can help

Ways you can get involved during GivingTuesday.


The best way to support starving children is by making a onetime donation during Giving Tuesday. Donate now to have an immediate impact on the lives of children in America.


Rally around starving children by fundraising! Fundraisers are fun and effective ways to show support. Create a fundraiser for yourself or fundraise with a group of friends.

Areas to support

This Giving Tuesday, your contribution powers three key areas.



Zero Hunger

Delivers Life-Saving Food To Thousands Of Hungry Children. Help us deliver Hope! Together we can make healthy meals available to every hungry child in America


Food Boxes

Good Health And Well-being

Help rescues surplus goods from national food producers, and facilitates the delivery of life-saving food to independently operated food banks across the country.


Food Waste
Rescue Programs

Responsible Consumption And Production

Our network of partnered charities has rescued more than 2,402,700 pounds of fresh produce each year, and delivered it to families in need.

Join our team of major donors with a gift of $25,000 or more over two years.

With an annual, cumulative contribution of $25,000 or more over a two-year period, our major donors provide vital support to Feeding America’s Children teams as they deliver lifesaving food and medical care to thousands of children in America and around the world. 

Giving Tuesday 2022

Thank you for rallying to support starving children

Your help during GivingTuesday is transforming the lives of starving children. Thank you for making a new world of zero hunger possible.

Recurring Donors:

All gifts to Feeding America's Children will be DOUBLED by an Anonymous Donor — up to $100,000. That means every $50 you give will be worth $100! Your matched donation this GivingTuesdayNow will provide kids all across the country with healthy meals and get us one giant step closer to making no kid hungry a reality.

Here are a few others ways you can get involved


Nearly half of the food in the U.S. goes to waste – but if we fight food waste, we can help the planet and the people we serve. For Earth Day, test your knowledge on American food waste.

Do something crazy to raise money for hungry children.

Give $30 and you can give one child abroad meals for one year.

Experience how rescuing food is changing lives around the world.

Ask for donations instead of gifts and your birthday will change lives.

Help us solve the hunger problem by joining Reach Cause, our monthly giving community.

Have $10,000 Or More To Give? Sponsor A Whole Feeding Project

For a gift of $10,000 or more you can fully fund a feeding project that will feed 50,000 hungry children one-time, or provide 3 meals a day for 45 children for one full year. 98.8% of every dollar we receive go to directly feeding projects.

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